Computer Information Systems (CIS) majors should review the first two questions under the Advisement FAQ section. Specifically, neither CSCE 205 nor MGSC 490 will be offered in Fall 2019. Therefore, in Fall 2019 CIS majors may take the following courses as course substitutes:
  • MGSC 490 can be substituted with CSCE 247 (Software Engineering) or ITEC 560 (Analysis and Applications of Project Management Software) Both courses will be offered in Summer 2019 and Fall 2019; in Summer 2019, ITEC 560 will be offered via the web
  • CSCE 205 can be substituted with CSCE 242 (Client-Server Computing) – a course on web applications This course will be offered in Fall 2019. We encourage CIS majors to substitute this course for CSCE 205.
You will need to submit a Request for Course Substitution to make these course substitutions official. Finally, any CIS major who has not yet taken MGSC 390 is advised to do so in Fall 2019, as this will be the last time MGSC 390 will be offered. We look forward to seeing everyone at advising.