APOGEE is a distance educational program designed to meet the needs of busy full-time employed professionals by providing flexibility to course content delivery. APOGEE lectures are delivered directly to student's computer using video-streaming via Microsoft Windows Media Player on the World Wide Web. This provides the student with the flexibility to access lectures and other course materials at any time, and in any place they have access to the Web. Students can listen to lectures at their convenience and avoid problems caused by business travel and work schedules. Students enrolled in APOGEE courses, however, may required to be on-campus sometimes for taking in-class exams etc. Also, they have to follow the same application procedures and meet the same entrance standards as the on-campus graduate applicants. Please refer to the Admissions Page. In particular the application deadlines are the same and APOGEE students must submit proof of immunization before registering for classes.

For more information see the College's APOGEE website.