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Freshmen not Ready for Calculus can Take Pre-Calculus Instead

Incoming freshmen who are not ready for calculus can start by taking a pre-calculus class on their first-semester freshman year instead.

We recommend that students who feel they are not ready for Calculus take the pre-calculus class first. It is better to take the extra class than to get a D or F in MATH 141/122.

CIS Majors that cannot get into Business Classes should email Dr. Vidal

If you are a CIS major and cannot get into some business class because of Banner errors ("field of study" error or something else) then you should email Dr. Vidal so we can get you signed up.

There is a problem this semester with how the Banner system was set up. The problem has been fixed for future semesters but for now you will need to contact Dr. Vidal.

No More Upper/Lower Level Division

The CSE department has eliminated the upper-level/lower-level distinction. So, you no longer have to fill out the form to move to upper-level.

The new rules will appear in the upcoming Fall 2016 USC Bulletin.

Advisement Summer and Fall 2015

Advisement for the Summer and Fall 2015 semesters will run March 16 to 27. All students must be advised before they can register for classes.

We have published a new class offering schedule plan which shows which future semesters we plan to offer each of the required major classes. Use it to plan your future schedule.

Tutoring Available in Swearingen for CSCE, MATH, and Other Classes

The tutoring is in the cube near Swearingen’s Assembly Street (Sonic) entrance.

We have greater math coverage than before as well as some key courses in several engineering, computing and science areas. The schedule is also posted around several bulletin boards in our buildings.

The tutors are hired and paid by the Student Success Center with an attempt to align their abilities with our degree programs. Many are our majors.


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