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CIS is an integrative field. CIS professionals are the "communication bridge" between business needs and technology. This means that you will have to understand how to figure out how things work, solve problems, find things out, communicate what you found, and learn a lot of new things on a regular basis. It's a dynamic field, and it takes dynamic people to do well in it. People who can think fast, work hard, and balance a lot of things should really think about CIS.

The official degree requirements are in the Bulletin Listing. Please check that link for the list of approved Liberal Arts electives


This degree offers optional Concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

Major Maps

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Approved SCIence Courses

CIS majors can count for the major any of the Carolina Core SCI courses that are 4-credit hours (or 3 + 1) and have a Lab component. A total of 8 credit hours is required (2 classes).


See the Accreditation page.