I have to take 15 credit hours or more every semester to keep my Life scholarship or Palmetto Fellows, right?

No. The Life Scholarship Guidelines state that (same as the Palmetto Fellows)

You must earn an average of 30 credit hours for each academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) equaling a minimum of 30 credit hours if a rising second year student, 60 credit hours if a rising third year student, or 90 credit hours if a rising fourth year student. Any credit hours earned before high school graduation, hours exempted by examination, and advanced placement credit approved by the institution as academic credit will be used toward the credit hour requirement;

So, this means that you can:

  • take more than 15 one semester and then take fewer the next, or
  • take a Summer class to catch up on credits, or
  • use your AP credits instead of classes. Your AP credits will count towards your first-year 30-credits.

For more information, see the SC State Scholarships page.

Updated: 11/08/2021