Important points to note

  1. The linux based server: "oracle" is our database server. You cannot log on to "oracle" as a general user. You can only connect to the Oracle Data Base on "oracle" by using an Oracle client program , for example sqlplus.
  2. Several environment variables need to be set in order to access CSE's Oracle Data Base Server. Your default shell determines the env setup commands you will use. csh/tcsh or a bash/sh shell are the normal shells for most students. New Unix accounts have bash as the default.
  3. If you do not have an oracle account, have your professor contact the System Administration Staff.
  4. If you have questions about using Oracle you should contact your professor or the TA assigned to the class. If you need help with your Oracle account you should contact your class TA. The System Administration Staff can also provide limited support, but the grader for the course is also charged with assisting you with your initial setup for Oracle access.
  5. Link to CSE's Oracle tutorial page.