Ramtin Zand

We are proud to announce that Dr. Ramtin Zand has received an NSF CAREER award for his research on "Heterogeneous Neuromorphic and Edge Computing Systems for Realtime Machine Learning Technologies". 

This project aims to harness the combined capabilities of neuromorphic and edge computing to forge a heterogeneous machine learning system. Its primary goal is to enable computer vision and language models on resource- and energy-constrained devices at an unprecedented scale. It focuses on several key aspects: (1) developing hybrid models that merge the energy efficiency, temporal sparsity, and spatiotemporal processing of spiking neural networks with the global processing of transformer models for complex large-scale computer vision tasks, (2) creating a methodology to deploy large language models on edge devices by employing system-level innovations such as computational graph modifications, custom kernels, and mathematical refactoring, (3) designing a flexible edge artificial intelligence (AI) accelerator to overcome hardware limitations hindering real-time implementation of large transformer models at the edge, (4) seamlessly integrating a heterogeneous system of mobile processors, edge AI accelerators, and neuromorphic hardware for a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Throughout the project, rigorous investigation delves into critical trade-offs between bandwidth, accuracy, performance, and energy consumption.

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