Dr Sanjib Sur has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) research award for his project titled "Modernizing Underground Mines Operations with Millimeter-Wave Imaging and Networking". You can learn more about his research here and in the article Improving underground mining safety with millimeter wave technology.

"The project aims to address the unique challenges of sensing and networking in underground mining environments by employing millimeter-wave (mmWave) wireless, a core technology for 5G and beyond standards. This technology is particularly suited for the harsh conditions of underground mines, such as dust and low light or dark conditions. However, the adoption of mmWave technology in mining is challenging due to reconstructing high-quality 3D maps in complex structures, fusing static and mobile underground real-time maps, and deploying mmWave communication infrastructures. By overcoming these challenges, this project seeks to enhance safety in mining operations, improve operational efficiency through better resource management, navigation, and machinery positioning, and contribute to the national interest by advancing the future of autonomous mining systems."