Election Integrity in the 21st Century

Friday, November 3, 2017 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm
431 Gambrell Hall

Duncan Buell

The talk will focus on two main topics:

  • The security of elections in a networked world, where complicated computer hardware is used in the stressful circumstances of a major election, and the ability (or inability) of verifying that voter registration databases and election results have not been corrupted by malware or hacking.
  • The post-election evidence based analysis and auditing of the results to provide increased confidence that the certified election results are in fact correct.

Bio: Dr. Buell is the NCR Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at USC and has been working for more than ten years on issues of election integrity, computer security for elections, and the post-election analysis of the data from ES&S iVotronic voting computers (used in South Carolina and several other states). He has since 2010 had programs to analyze the South Carolina election data to verify correctness of the results and adherence to the official protocol for conducting elections and returning the data to county headquarters for tallying. He has testified as an expert witness in open records cases and been involved in election integrity litigation in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas.