Web Developer at Covers Direct

My name is Jacob Adedelberg and I am a Lead Software Engineer with a small eCommerce company in Chesnee SC (North of Spartanburg SC). I am currently looking to recruit a new developer for my team and was wondering if you could share this posting with your students / former students who are in the job market:

Covers Direct is looking for a junior-level front end web developer to assist with maintenance of its three eCommerce sites:


The ideal candidate is a generalist who is good at solving problems, hardworking and a good communicator. They will also need to be comfortable with working on a team, while also being capable of solving problems and getting work done with less guidance at times. This is a 40-hour a week immersion into the eCommerce world and is a great opportunity to improve both your technical and business skills.

This job requires:

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • An understanding of design
  • Good communication skills and work ethic
  • Photo editing skills
  • Browser debugging with developer tools (F12)
  • Understanding of Bootstrap / Responsive design
  • Experience with PHP and MySQL or other similar languages and databases

This job will be easier with:

  • MVC experience
  • SASS or LESS experience
  • Experience with Twig, Jade or other template engines
  • Version control experience with Git or other similar tools
  • Experience working in eCommerce or other web related businesses

The position will start off primarily being responsible for debugging minor issues on both the front end (HTML, CSS and Javascript) and the back end (PHP and MySQL). As the developer grows there is ample opportunity for additional front-end responsibility, such as creating/maintaining reusable modules, refactoring code, and streamlining the front-end.

The developer’s responsibilities will include a few non-development related tasks. They will be expected to work with analytics and SEO tools to determine the effectiveness of new designs and content in retaining site visitors as well as work with performance and behavioral testing tools.

Covers Direct is a small eCommerce company (16 employees) that has been around for almost 16 years and is an established leader in the cover market both nationally and internationally. Our growing development team is made up of 2 in-house developers and 2 part-time contractors with the Greenville, SC based web development shop, OrangeCoat. Since our team is mostly back end oriented, this new addition to the team will have the opportunity to grow into having a unique and important role in the company.

The new developer will be expected to report to Covers Direct’s office in Chesnee, SC (25 minutes north of Spartanburg, SC) 9 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Friday. Benefits include health insurance, a casual work environment, free lunch on Fridays, flexible vacation plans and very little, if any, overtime expected beyond the 40-hour work week.

If you are interested in the position, please fill out the application below. A resume and cover letter are good to see, but if you have a design portfolio, code examples, a Github account or any other examples that showcase your talents we would love to have you submit them too.

Questions about the role should be directed to our lead developer at jacob@coversdirect.com.

Apply at https://www.carcoversdirect.com/jobs/front-end-developer