We congratulate the following Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate students for receiving a Magellan Scholar Award for Summer and Fall 2022. Their names and projects are:

  • Ahad Chattha, "Development of Mitral Valve Disease induced by TGFB1 Signaling"
  • Thomas Geiger, "Mapping Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in South Carolina Rivers: Are There Hotspots?"
  • Dylan Johnson, "Graph Constrained Crystal Structure Prediction Using Neural Dynamics"
  • Lilian Lamb, "A self-positioning platform for stationary measurements in the aquatic environment"
  • Jacqueline Schellberg, "Millimeter-Wave Imaging on 5G Handheld Smart Devices"
  • Katelyn Wyandt, "AI-Driven User Interface Design for Optimal User Engagement: A Use Case for Personalized Learning"
  • Zachary Young, "Generating Global Indoor Point Clouds Using 5G Millimeter-Wave Technology"