We congratulate the following Computer Science/Engineering undergraduate students for receiving a Magellan Scholar Award for Spring 2022.

  • Ian McDowell and Rahul Bulusu with the project "Drone-based Multimodal Surveying for Outdoor 5G Millimeter-Wave Picocell Placement"
  • Cassidy Carter for "Detection and discovery of structural motifs in crystal materials using quotient graphs"
  • James Seekings for "Attention Tracking for Intuitive Robot Tutors using Neuromorphic Computing"
  • Edward Sitar for "5G Millimeter-Wave Enabled At-Home Human Silhouette Estimation"
  • Corinne Smith for "A network of UAV deployable sensor packages for monitoring hydraulic parameters during severe weather events"
  • Lexington Whalen for "The Wordification Project"