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Help Someone out with your HTML skillz

I am a professor in the College of Education and I apologize for bothering you. I recently began a non-profit organization to help provide literacy resources to impoverished communities. I was wondering if you or any of your staff would be able to help me or send me to someone who could help design a webpage. I have the basic knowledge, but I would like my website to be much more impressive than what I am capable of. I am not sure who to contact (or if I am even in the right college) to find either a student or faculty member who might be interested in helping us get started.

Coops at Scana

Just wanted to let you know that the following coop jobs have been posted on the SCANA jobline:

Co-op Infrastructure Technician (workstation support) Job ID # is 962492

Co-op Applications Developer Job ID # is 962490

Both of these jobs are part time. Requirements and details are listed in the career postings at

Money Magazine: Top Jobs

Money Magazine has published a list of the Best Jobs in America. Of those, the following require (some more than others) one of our CSE/CE/CISE degrees:

1. Systems Engineer

5. Information Technology Project Manager

8. Computer/Network Security Consultant

12. Sofware developer

17. Business Analyst, IT

39. Computer Software program manager

40. Applications System Analyst

If you are serious about getting a development job, I recommend you file your resume with It only costs $1/year for students. They are just getting started so this might not be the thing if you need a job by December, but if you are graduating in May, this is for you.

Geico Scholarships


It’s with great pleasure that the University of South Carolina is invited to participate in GEICO’s 2010 Achievement Award program. This program is designed to recognize exceptional undergraduate students majoring in business, mathematics and computer science. In 2010, we will offer over $75,000 in Achievement Awards to students across the country and we want your students to be included in our list of recipients!

Cold Fusion Contract Position at SCETV

From prof. Duncan Buell:

SC Educational TV is interested in a programmer for contract work on some Cold Fusion websites. They lost the old programmer, don’t have funds to hire someone full time, and are looking for someone on a contract basis.

Software Development in Madison, WI

My name is Katie, and I work for Epic in Madison, Wisconsin. Epic is a national leader in software development for healthcare systems, and we support some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations in the country. Each year we receive resumes from students at University of South Carolina, and we are very impressed by the caliber of these applicants. It is clear that the professors and staff from your school are doing a wonderful job.

Vanguard coming to Career Fair Blitz

Attention All Computer Science, Computer Engineering, related Technical/Engineering discipline, Business, Finance, Accounting or Economics Majors:

Attend the Career Fair Blitz 2009

Wednesday, September 30th

12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center

1101 Lincoln St.

University of South Carolina

Competitive Advantages:

Our employees receive the following benefits:


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