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WSJ: Engineering, Computer-Science Pay More Than Liberal Arts

The Wall Street Journal reports that Engineering and Computer Science degrees pay more than liberal art. In case you didn't know (really?!).

The pay advantage of graduates with technical degrees often persists throughout their careers, said Fort Collins, Colo.-based career counselor Katy Piotrowski. Although liberal arts majors have a wide range of salaries, Ms. Piotrowski said that mid-career liberal arts majors she works with in northern Colorado make between $60,000 and $70,000. Those with technical degrees make at least $10,000 more.

Technical majors even have an advantage in fields that are typically hotbeds for liberal arts majors, she said. "Technical degrees are valued in all fields. I've a seen a [company] communications department actually prefer that someone have an engineering degree rather than a communications degree," she said.

Enty to Midlevel Java Developer in Greenville

Update: Originally posted on 9/30/10. They tell me this job is still open and they want to hire a December graduate.

Acentron is seeking an Entry to Mid Level Java Developer for a permanent position in Greenville, SC. This is an EXCELLENT position for someone with a 4 year degree right out of school or someone with 1-2 years experience coding who is looking for their second job.

YOU MUST HAVE A 4 YEAR DEGREE TO APPLY. You must be a Green Card or US citizen.

Two Part-Time Jobs at Local Startup

Compliance Innovations, a startup SC-Launch company seeks to engage two students part-time to assist them in their product development work related to an electronic license plate and system communicating with it. They are looking for a student[s] with the following background and could be undergraduate or masters student interested in earning extra income plus an interesting project.

USC Community Internship Program

The University of South Carolina Career Center is pleased to announce that the Community Internship Program (CIP) will be available for spring and summer 2011. This program gives students the ability to earn a minimum of $8/hr with a summer internship in South Carolina. Our goal is to help students gain necessary work experience so they will be more marketable to future employers.

Internships at the Department of Commerce

The U. S. Department of Commerce (DOC)-Internship for Postsecondary Students Program anticipates having approximately 13 internships available during the Spring 2011 Session. Ten of the internships are for graduate students and three are for undergraduate students. Internships will be in the Washington, D.C metro area. Selected applicants will intern for up to 15 weeks beginning as early as 03 January 2011. Internships require either part time (20-24 hours per week) or full time (40 hours per week).

Technology Analyst at JPMorganChase

Update 11/24/10: They are still looking.

I'm Leroy Clarke, College Recruiting Manager at JPMorganChase. I'm currently sourcing graduating Seniors that would be interested in our full-time Technology Analyst Development Program.

Please see the below analyst program job description and feel free forward to Graduating Seniors that are interested in full-time career opportunities at JPMorganChase.


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