Web/iOS app Design Intern

We are seeking a web app / iOS app design intern for an innovative movie production application that will evolve the process of how films are made to a new level of collaboration.

The web design intern will be responsible for working with key staff to create mock-up website pages and iOS screenshots that demonstrate key features of this new service.

  • Strong instincts for natural, intuitive web and app design principles. We want people to take one glance at the web app and understand how it works - all from the design and layout.
  • Portfolio of web and iOS based designs representing recent digital design trends.
  • Knowledge of branding, logos and incorporating the company branding into the general design.
  • Strong ability to empathize customer interactions with the app.
  • Proficient knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop required.
  • This position may be a paid internship.

Please send your portfolio (as a link or PDF) and resume to : filmappintern@gmail.com