Webdev at Center for Science Education

There is a position available with the Center for Science Education. I am taking it on myself to try to vet some of the possible applicants. The text of what I have been told are the job requirements are below. If you feel you have these skills, please contact me. If you know of someone who has these skills, let them know about the opening.

Technical skills needed (these are the absolute Musts):
-Knowledge of PHP not only as a scripting language but part of how it functions as Object Oriented as well
-Knowledge of mySQL at a basic level. They need to know how to do pairs joins etc... but nothing too too fancy. They are perfectly welcome to and encouraged to use tools like mySQL workbench and toad.
-Knowledge of HTML4 or better
-Knowledge of CSS3

Technical skills (these are wants):
-Knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Professional and how fdf form filling works

Additional Skills (these are wants):
Design or media arts experience
Leadership ability
Quick to learn new programming languages

-No freshmen (unless you feel they can handle their course load and perform well I trust your judgement 100%)
-Preferred Sophomore or Junior majoring in computer science.
-Grad students who did their undergrad in computer science or are studying it now.

Pay to be $15 an hour at a maximum of 20 hours a week. Generally they should expect to be working 10 hours a week.

What is needed is someone who can dive in and doesn't need to be babied through it.

Duncan A. Buell