Webapps at Startup Company

Company Overview:
SmartCart, LLC is a pre-revenue online grocery startup company headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. SmartCart is an online supermarket that will provide applications to help its customers manage their lifestyle. SmartCart will sell groceries, help customers plan their meals, and meet their budget goals among other features. SmartCart has been founded by business students at the University of South Carolina. The company is currently developing its infrastructure, building its team, and establishing partnerships.

Job Position:
Web and applications developer. The job will consist of interacting with the team to conceptualize and design the applications and website. The technical skills of the applicant will be important to the position as the majority of work will surround the actual design of the applications. This is, ultimately, a potential opportunity to be an entrepreneur with our company.

Technical Skills
XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Javascript (desirable, but not necessary: Flash)
Dreamweaver & Photoshop knowledge strongly preferred

Personal Attributes
Entrepreneurial passion – this is a must!
Strong work ethic
Ability work independently
Desire to learn any skills not yet possessed

Approximately 20 hrs/week for the duration of the internship
If offered a stake in the company, it would be considered a full-time job once out of school

Time Frame & Compensation
We are ultimately looking for a partner in the business who would accept an equity stake. However, before either party commits to that, there would be a trial period to determine compatibility for both us and you.
Trial Period: 3 month internship (possibly shorter)
At the end of the trial period, enter into talks for an equity stake and full time position (specific numbers to be determined later).

Send your resume to the email below and we will be in contact with you to set up an interview time.
Benjamin Frear, frear@yoursmartcart.com, 862-268-2844