OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN HANDS ON EXPERIENCE IN A MARKETING RESEARCH PROJECT AND ENHANCE YOUR CV Faculty in the marketing department, Darla Moore School of Business, is seeking to get ad-hoc research assistance from the students in the Computer Science Department. The job description is provided below: Job: Scrape websites to collect data for the marketing research project Essential requirements for the job:  
  • Ability to write code either in R or Python (or any other language of your choice) to scrape websites and then store data in a user friendly format
  • Since it is a research project, which will eventually get published in a top journal, completeness and accuracy of the data collected is extremely important
  • Good GPA and work ethic
Time period: In our assessment, given your studies, the job might take a month or two to finish More details will be provided once you are selected. If you are interested, please email your CV at: Manpreet.Gill@moore.sc.edu Your contact person is: Manpreet Gill Room 495 Marketing Department Darla Moore School of Business University of South Carolina Phone: 803-777-9995