Web Programmer for USC School Psych Online Test Development

At the Applied Cognitive Neuropsychology Lab in the USC Psych Dept., we have developed an online test of working memory and need help with additional development. Tasks include creating different versions of the tests (e.g., adult research version versus child school version), modifying items in existing test, translating ideas for additional tasks and tests (different cognitive abilities and early school readiness skills), creation of a login system and score database for individual users (teachers, researchers, etc.)…

Perfect for grad students in computer science. Java experience required. Previous experience with test development preferred. Experience with MATLAB an even bigger plus.

This is an ongoing project. We would prefer someone who could invest at least one year but will piece together different students for each individual planned task if necessary.

Funding is contingent on the lab receiving grants. Possible opportunity (with heavy involvement) to be included on future grant applications, etc. as Programmer/Consultant.

Contact Julia Englund (test co-author) at juliaenglund@gmail.com if interested or for more information.