Web Development Positions and USC Institute for Southern Studies

Institute for Southern Studies/Digital US South Initiative (DUSS)

Position Term: July 2016-September 2017
Pay: $15-$18/hour, depending on experience

The Institute for Southern Studies at USC is currently looking for a front-end and a back-end web developer to work on a grant-funded project. Developers would be working as a part of the Institute’s Digital US South Initiative (DUSS), which exists to assist faculty in translating research about the Southern United States into public-facing digital projects.

DUSS has just received a sizeable grant to develop an online archive of materials related to South Carolina’s Native American groups. Developers would work alongside the DUSS project coordinator and our faculty partners to develop a framework for displaying and organizing these materials. Developing search and various interactive capabilities would also be expected. There may also be some data entry, though the majority of this will be handled by other, non-developer staff members.

Applicants should be motivated, responsible, and independent problem solvers. An ability to communicate clearly with both tech-fluent and tech-ignorant supervisors and faculty partners is a key skill for on-the-job success. Graduate-level and advanced undergraduate-level student programmers are encouraged to apply.

Required Technical Skills:

  • For the front-end developer, experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP are required.
  • For the back-end developer, experience in PHP, MySQL, and some sort of scripting are required.
  • For both, comfort with the Linux command line and working in headless server/ssh environments are required (we run Debian workstations and a Red Hat server).

Recommended Technical Skills:

While not required, familiarity with the Django web framework, the git versioning system, and Docker container management may be useful for this project.

Schedule, Pay, and Other Details:

As a grant-funded project, this project has a definite start and end dates of July 2016-Sept 2017.
Applicants should expect to work 20 hours/week during the summer and 10 hours/week during the academic year. Pay rate is $15-$18/hour, depending on experience.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Matthew Simmons, project coordinator of DUSS, at simmonwm@mailbox.sc.edu or 803-777-9783.