Web Development Internship at Local Company


The main web site is www.varnainternational.com. It is also linked to www.songsoflife.org

The web site is to serve two purposes:

1. Provide information about all the tours, music festivals and workshops which our company provides.

2. Provide all that is needed on line for participants to register for the tours on line. This would include creating an account, selecting a tour, selecting optional trips, travel insurance options, making air travel requests, selecting single or double occupnacy at hotels, writing their meals preferrences, passport info, etc.)


As you can see, the web site was designed but has caused us great probelms last year, which we now seek to ractify.


Below is a list of items we put together, which we would like the web site to do:  


1. The website needs to generate reports (i.e., account balances, optional tours, single occupancy, airport transfers, travel insurance, extra night hotel stays)

2. Passport numbers, expiration date and meal preference needs to be added to the user profile.

3. Families should be able to register under one log-in (email address).

4. Payments should be deducted from one invoice.

5. Correctly calculate 3% credit card fee for single and multiple entries.

6. Able to send email blast to all participants that have a registered with their email addresses.

7. Issue coupons/vouchers for chosen options.

Reports needed for Accounting:

1. Need to be able to set parameters or have running balance for tour/group and per user within each group/tour.

2. Also to extend the above into a detailed listing for each user account: invoice totals and payments applied with an ending balance.

3. Need to be able to run reports also listed by Tanisha but with total due: need optional tours broken out by individual price – in the reports.

4. Need users to be able send 1 payment to account and have it pay down the balance correctly and not making multiple pmts in a single day or week.

5. NEED DATES for each transaction to show up in the reports. (all dates for purchases and payments)

6. Need to know if it is Check or Credit Card in the reports.

7. Need to be able to remove an item from the invoice, like an optional tour that has been cancelled, so the reports are accurate for what is due. This should only be admin authorized.

8. I would like to export all reports to excel - or csv file if that is easier.

I really just need all the detail for every transaction that is connected to an invoice being created or balance due; AND for any transaction related to a payment with Date, Type of Transaction (CC, Check, Invoice?) Or if it is a payment let it show up like (0.00)or

-0.00. Then I would recognize it’s a payment immediately.

 We are looking for a very capable person to code the web site and then maintain it. It will be most helpful if the person is able to work on design elements, as we seek to spruce up the site, by adding flash photos, etc.

Such a person would then join our team, working approximately 15 hours a week at $15 per hour. His / her duties would include other technical support issues, such as: identifying software that is best suitable for our purposes, linking it to the site, converting excel document to full-fledged databases, suggesting tech solutions that will help us run the business more efficiently and produce accurate reports, sending email blasts, asssiting staff with computer related problems, setting up new computer stations, assisting the directors with purchasing computers and software as needed, etc.

 Thank you,



Sharon Tchonev

Communications Director
Varna International
Songs of Life
1225 Laurel Street, suite 110A

Columbia, SC 29201

Tel: (803)545-4166