Web Development at the Cancer Program

The Cancer Prevention and Control Program (CPCP) works closely with individuals, organizations, and communities to encourage and make possible cancer prevention, early detection, and appropriate care for those diagnosed with cancer. The CPCP has many current projects, in which research findings are used for planning, monitoring, and evaluating cancer prevention and detection activities throughout the state. We are committed to finding solutions to ease the burden of cancer affecting our residents.

We are looking for one or more students who are interested in the opportunity to use their creative ideas to help develop our organization website and social media infrastructure. CPCP is also interested in developing a Sharepoint site to encourage collaboration and a centralized platform for projects and team management. The student should be able to give their time a 4-6 hours a week in a volunteer capacity. The student should be experienced with JavaScript, PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and SharePoint. The student’s expertise will support the mission of a highly successful interdisciplinary research team. Our project will be a great asset to any young developer’s résumé and web portfolio.

Carly Ingram
Administrative Assistant
Columbia's Cooking Assistant
Cancer Prevention and Control Program, Discovery 1
University of South Carolina
915 Green Street, Room 248
Office: 803/576-5623