Web Developer: Drupal

I'm starting an online language school and I need a Web site for it. The Web site is already up, but it looks terrible. My database is already designed in php-MySQL. I need the Web site to be cleaned up, the forms for database maintenance, the ability to accept payments online, some e-commerce - we sell books etc, for starters, and then I want to expand the Web site as required later on.

I want everything to be open source - no proprietary packages, no Microsoft anything! As far as I am aware, Drupal is an excellent way of handling my requirement, but I don't want to have to learn Web development.

I'll pay you a decent hourly rate, weekly on receipt of your invoice.
Write lionelf@ftc-i.net or call 843-409-0172. Put WEBSITE in the subject line of the email.

Lionel Fleetwood