Voltteware Internship Opportunities

Voltteware is a Charleston, SC, company currently offering the following internship opportunities for Summer 2016. All internships are three months in length with interns expected to work 12-15 hours, 2-3 days a week, with an in-person meeting one day a week. Internships are unpaid, and participants must provide their own computer. Since Voltteware is an extremely early stage startup, participants have an opportunity to make a very direct, very visible impact across all facets of the company. There is no “grunt work”. Participants must be self-starting with the gumption to take a high value project from start to finish. Goals are set and reviewed on a weekly basis with the participant able to set their own hours.

Social Media, Marketing, & Business Development Opportunities

Potential Responsibilities

  • Create, manage, and maintain StockAid’s social media accounts from the ground up.
  • Design and source marketing materials.
  • Capture press attention and write promotional articles.
  • Perform market research and provide insight into leveraging StockAid’s competitive advantage.
  • Propose a marketing campaign with definitive goals and the means to achieve them.
  • Attend local events in the small business distribution and manufacturing space.
  • Put together a business strategy to obtain new clients.


  • Ability to write clearly and concisely to articulate a message with a stylish voice.
  • Strong self-starter with a can-do attitude.
  • A history of entrepreneurship is a definite plus.
  • An understanding of various social media tools and ways to use them.
  • Knowledge of graphical tools such as Photoshop is a plus.

How to Apply

Send your resume and a writing sample (cover letter, blog post link, etc) to will@voltteware.com

Graphic Design, Math, and Computer Science Opportunities

Potential Responsibilities

  • Redesign / rewrite the company's website at www.voltteware.com.
  • Learn the R programming language and refactor or enhance time-series algorithms.
  • Assist in implementing a unit / integration testing framework in a variety of languages and platforms such as Node, Angular, R, and JavaScript.
  • Get your hands dirty with setting up a variety of Heroku plugins and services.
  • Help write a client facing api for forecasting services.


  1. Strong self-starter with a can-do attitude.
  2. A history of entrepreneurship is a definite plus.
  3. Demonstrable ability with at least one programming language (Computer Science interns) and an interest in JavaScript, Node.js, or Angular development.
  4. Demonstrable ability with graphical tools such as Photoshop (Graphic Design interns).
  5. An interest in learning the R programming language (Math interns).

How to Apply

Send your resume to will@voltteware.com. A coding test will be required.

About Us

Voltteware empowers entrepreneurs with big business tools for their small business needs. Our software philosophy is feature focused rather than feature rich, simple rather than all encompassing. We provide specific services for specific areas of need in a clear, user-friendly manner with minimal required training. In effect, users of our software receive the most value added for the least amount of investment and effort.

Voltteware’s signature product, StockAid, helps small business owners order the right product in the right quantity at the right time. StockAid analyzes sales trends and product parameters such as lead times and Bill of Materials (BOMs) to offer purchase order recommendations to keep your sales cycle running smoothly without the mess and fuss of manual reorder points. With StockAid, purchasing for your small business just became easy.

William Lovett - Founder
Will decided to put together StockAid several years ago after getting fed up with the forecasting software and predatory business practices of a major ERP provider (which shall remain nameless). Will brings over 10 years of manufacturing, logistics, and software engineering experience to StockAid's design and business philosophy. Previous positions include work for NASA, the U.S. Navy, and a Tier 1 manufacturing and distribution facility for Chrysler, among others.

Michael Buhler - Co-Founder
Michael studied Management Information Systems at Oklahoma State University and enjoys economic and financial modeling. Previous work includes software development for the HRIS department of the #1 facilities management company in the country and the US Department of Veterans Affairs.