User Interface Development at Unitrends

I am looking for a new BS or MS graduate who is interested in user interface development. The person will be on a team writing our web-based management software for our backup appliance and will use many interesting technologies, as outlined below:

As a Software Developer in the User Interface group you will be responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of software for our appliance's user interfaces for configuration, management and status reporting, including development of extensions to the Unitrends Web 2.0-based Rapid Recovery Console. You will need to become an expert in user-oriented design and technologies such as Adobe's Flex and Action Script 3.0, XML, php, and http.

Do you know of any graduates who might be interested in this type of work? Or seniors who would be interested in joining us as part-time interns this summer (with the opportunity if things work out to join us after graduation)? Thank you for any help or names of students you can think of who would be interested, Lisa Software Architect Unitrends Corporation 7 Technology Circle Columbia, SC 29203 phone:803-360-4285