Undergraduate Wanted for Web App Development

Computer Science undergraduate needed to join a Moore School’s team that aims to develop and market an App specifically designed to improve and smoothen the experiences of those who find themselves navigating different cultures during long as well as short term study abroad experiences.

The team, formed by promising undergraduates, faculties and field experts, will develop a unique tool that will help students to learn and apply basic ethnographic techniques (these are used for instance by anthropologists, geographer, social workers, cultural studies and consumer culture scholar) to make sense of contextual difference in a fun and relaxed way. Through the app students will be able to gather and collect different kinds of data (ie. photos and video), participate in and design explorative missions, and reflect on their own experiences comparing their observations with those of other friends around the world. Furthermore the App will give students a precious platform to discuss differences across cultures, store private notes and memories, and build a unique scrapbook to share with family and friends and remember forever their time abroad.

As a team member you will:

  • Gain direct experience in developing Web Apps
  • Get the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding students and faculties from the Computer Sciences department as well as from the Moore School of Business
  • Learn how to market an app
  • Become familiar with basic ethnographic techniques
  • Improve your team-building skills
  • Get the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding students and faculties in an energetic and fun environment
  • Be involved in the testing of the App
  • Broaden your network
  • Have a unique educational experience
  • Have the opportunity to build from scratch a project to help students like you
  • Expand you resume
  • Qualify as a research project for potential scholarships offered by USC (Magellan Scholar, Honors School undergraduate thesis, etc.)
  • Qualify as a 500-level CSCE elective.

Key features for job seekers:

  • Undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina-Columbia
  • No experience necessary. We expect the student to learn on the job
  • Determination and willingness
  • Reliability

Note: This is an unpaid position.
Contact Dr. Vidal at vidal@sc.edu or Dr. Leri at alice.leri@moore.sc.edu if interested