The Machine Learning and Evolutionary Lab of CSE/USC is looking for two undergraduate RAs for doing exciting research on applying deep learning and machine learning to solve the materials discovery problem. You will be guided by the experienced deep learning experts with access to the most advanced GPU servers. This precious research experience of AI on your resume will help you stand out in your future job market and application for graduate schools. Our research has been reported by public media (ScienceDaily) and published in top journals (Advanced Science). Check our papers published in 2022 here

Expected candidates:  excellent programming skills in Python, responsive and dedicated, 10 hours/week or more, GPA>3.2, enthusiasm for research. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, email Dr. Hu (  your resume with phone and email information with the following email subject´╝ÜUndergradute RA opportunity + phone + email+(Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior/Senior).   In the email, explain why you are the ideal candidate for this opportunity. 

Success stories:  Dr. Hu is supervising 5 undergraduate RAs.  Our team has got Magellan Scholarship winners.  Three of the undergraduate RAs have published/submitted an official journal paper. More details check