Two Internships at Nephron Pharmaceuticals. Also Full-time Positions.

Front End Developer (Intern)

Person will support Software & Web Development (SWD) by working alongside to assist development of graphical based applications and/or web applications to support the needs of our transition towards digital workflow. SWD will (1) utilize healthy knowledge of the html/css/js languages and optionally python/php to develop applications based in Django python web framework. Additionally, SMD should be able to (2) design palatable user interfaces given a specific function and cause.

Software Developer (Intern)

Person should have a strong programming background in low and high level programming languages such as C/C++/Python/Java. The Software developer should be able to (1) comfortably use a language to create a tool or program to solve problems. The software developer should have strong programming fundamentals (2) to collaborate with other developers using git, (3) have clear documentation, and (4) write readable and reusable code. I just want to make a minor change to the job posting to reflect internships and full time positions. We would love to hire a few aspiring seniors looking for full time positions along with interns. If interested contact Lam Nguyen Jr. Computer Engineer Engineering Smart Manufacturing Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation 4500 12th Street Extension West Columbia, SC 29172 Kaishu Xia Research Engineer Smart Manufacturing Team Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation