System Support Technician at BCBS

I have a job opening in Columbia for recent graduates, that you might be interested in posting on your website. The job is a System Support Technician at Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC.


  • Learn to make recommendations toward the development of new code or reuse of existing code.
  • Participate in system performance monitoring.
  • Participate in work sessions and walkthroughs for implementation.
  • Learn to provide 24/365 support for system performance concerns.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

What will this position be responsible for on a daily basis? Will the position have any responsibilities with a broader impact on the company (e.g. budgetary or corporate planning)?
Supporting applications that they are assigned to support- multiple applications across multiple platforms.

Describe the technical background you would like a candidate to have.
Understands programming, understand Java/Javascript enough to read error messages, networking knowledge, Windows Server exp required, AIX and Unix are preferred.

What systems will the position interact with/be responsible for?
They will be on different teams that will support home grown appswork

What will the primary working relationships be inside and outside of your organization?
Work with ICT, Testers, customer contact, etc so good communication skills are required.

What top characteristics would you like to focus on in the interview process?

Attention to Detail & Organizational Skills
Communication Skills
Problem Solving, Critical Thinking & Innovativeness
Systematic Problem Solving
Technical Skills

How big is the team?
one team is 4 people and the other is 6

If interested contact "" David Cooney.