Summer Undergraduate Internship Position at Sandia National Labs

We are seeking a qualified and motivated undergraduate student to continue development of an immersive virtual environment for designing and simulating physical defense scenarios. The current environment is implemented using the Unity 3D game engine and includes basic tools for environment customization, physical sensor models, and AI path planning. Our goals are to increase the physical fidelity of the sensor models, implement intelligent adversaries, and improve the user interface. This work will involve communicating with engineering groups and working well in a small team. There is also room for exploratory work, depending on the student's interest. The student will gain real-world experience developing software and be able to contribute to the incorporation of virtual environments for national security applications.

Livermore, CA

Required Skills:

  • Experience with C# or other object-oriented languages
  • Ability to communicate well and implement engineering specifications
  • Desire to learn and explore new problems

Desired Skills:

  • Game engine experience
  • User interface design experience
  • AI knowledge

12 weeks

Contact Andrew Smith