Student Reports from the SET Fair

Below are some quotes from our (Computer majors) students who attended the SET Fair.

"...I learned that computer scientists and engineers are essential to most other career choices."

"There was one thing that really stuck out in my mind before I even arrived at the fair: thank God I am in Computer Science. As I scanned the list of employers and what majors I was looking to hire, I noticed that nearly all of them were hiring majors that related somehow to computers."

"Attending the career fair was a very new and interesting experience that I'm not sure I would have done had it not been for class."

"Because I went to the career fair, I was offered an internship right on the spot."

"Even though I did not go there for a job, I learned a lot which will greatly help me in my future."

"It was also good to see that many companies were looking for Computer Information Systems students, which was great for me since that is my major."

"Seeing all the potentially great places I could work for made me excited to be a CIS major. I'm confident that when I graduate, I will take great pleasure working in the computer field."

"[Student describes being called by BMW and asked to apply after last semester's fair, and continues:] This was probably the best feeling of my life."

"I have about seven companies to contact about possible internships."

"From the whole event, I took away several lessons, the main one being, I can't ever stop learning" [from a student who has an internship and spent part of the time at the booth of the company he interns in].