Student Opportunity at Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group

We are looking for a graduate or doctoral student to work with us on a SAS project. This project provides the opportunity to develop a real world application for Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group that could enhance your resume and provide experience in business analytics and statistical analysis. Below is a brief description of the project. If you are interested, please email us your resume and a brief statement explaining why you are interested.

Project Title: Palmetto Health Family Medicine Provider Panel Assignments and Patient Redistribution

The objective of this work is to design a SAS code that will redistribute existing family medicine patients of resident physicians that are graduating residency to other resident physicians in the practice for optimal continuity of care. The intended outcomes of this program is to contribute to Palmetto Health-USC patient retention, improvement in access to care, and revenue management. The student will have the opportunity to work directly with Cerner electronic medical record data and will be given experience in writing and initiating SAS code for a reputable health business.
Project Requirements:
To achieve our objectives, we need a student to partner with PH-USC information technology staff and medical director to create a list of primary care provider panel data from PH-USC Family Medicine patients. Palmetto Health-USC Family Medicine Center participates in the training of family medicine students and residents. Changing residents will need their patients to be redistributed among remaining physicians. Since the data will contain approximately 5000 patients to be reassigned, with the goal of even distribution for different medical conditions and ages, this will be a large-scale dataset. The proper storing and cleaning of the data will be necessary before analysis. This program will need to be run at least once a year - near graduation and at other times when a physician may leave the practice. We estimate that the amount of work required will span 2-3 weeks dependent on student SAS experience.

Required skills:
• Experience with statistical software – SAS, optional: R, Stata
• Experience with handling large-scale datasets – such as R, SQL, SAS, Stata, Matlab
• Experience with text mining – such as R, SAS, JMP
• Written and oral communication skills

Mark Humphrey MD MPH
University of South Carolina
Family and Preventive Medicine Department
3209 Colonial Drive • Columbia, SC 29203
E: O: 803-434-2423

Paul Cooper
Associate Director
Palmetto Health-USC Family Medicine Center
3209 Colonial Drive • Columbia, SC 29203
e: O: 803-434-2463