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~ 2 years ago EMC Innovation Network organization within EMC Corporation was at its very early stages. Today we actively and more structurally pursuing opportunities with academic community all over the world (US, India, Russia, China, and Egypt in progress). I am interested in continue building the relationship with the University of South Carolina (one of my alma mater). One of the projects that is under my portfolio is very interesting and related to next generation datacenter management. I hope that this will be an initial step to building the relationship with USC and development of the stronger node of EMC Innovative Network in South Carolina.

This opportunity requires as well as will benefit candidate specializing in storage and/or networking areas. Considering the major and school mentioned above it assumes understanding and familiarity with commonly used desktop applications (i.e. web browser, office application, etc.).

Required to be familiar and have experience with the following:
- OS: Windows(desktop and server XP to 2008), variance of Linux (SuSE preferred)
- Programming Languages, scripts, sdks: C++ (assumes familiarity with STL); Java, and bonus points for Adobe Flex; bash.
- Development tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse.
- Middleware: XML.
- Web services: have understanding of web services concepts and have experienced in developing such.

Desired (not required, and can be obtained in process of work. Certainly bonus points for one or more):
- Programming Languages and scripts: c, perl.
- Libraries: Boost C++, Open SSL, Xerces, Curl, gSOAP.
- General familiarity with one or more: SNIA SMI-S profiles, DMTF profiles, CIM-XML protocol.
- Storage network protocols: Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI, FCoE.
- Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, ICMP, DNS, DHCP, HTTP/HTTPS, SIP.
- Networking tools: wireshark.
- Source Control: ClearCase, SVN, CVS, Git.
- Development tools: cygwin, GNU Make.
- Virtualization: VMWare.
- Web services: SOAP, REST.
- Active contributor to open source project(s).

General skills:
- Good presentation skills.
- Independent and fast learner.

Looking forward for your suggestions.

Thank you!

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