Software Developer at SouthEastern Freight Lines

This is from Matt Farich, who graduated last year.

Job Summary

Provides programming support for new and existing information systems based on user specifications with guidance from other staff members. Consults with and provides users with assistance in determining program enhancements and required maintenance.

Job Duties

  • Performs program maintenance, modifications, and enhancements to new/existing systems through programming, testing, documenting, and training users.
  • Confers with user personnel and department representatives in resolving questions of program/system intent, output requirements, input data acquisition, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.
  • Responsible for learning Company systems and how they are automated.
  • Provides on-call programming support.
  • Communicates and works as needed with any internal/external customers with a more senior developer/engineer or manager present.
  • All Southeastern Freight Lines associates must embrace and support the five values that define the Company’s culture and be personally committed to the Quality Improvement
  • Process.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by management.

Matt says:

I’ve been working as a software developer at SouthEastern Freight Lines’ IT department since June. We’re now looking to add four more developers to our team, and I’ve been asked to reach out to the December grads at USC. I’ve attached the official job listing to this email. The primary languages that we use are Java, COBOL, and SQL. I came in having no experience with COBOL or SQL, but was able to pick it up quickly, so not being familiar with those won’t be an issue. Aside from the programming the culture and environment truly is great here at SouthEastern and I’m enjoying working here.

Resumes can be sent to Elizabeth Baynard (manager of software development) at