SET Fair Summary by Duncan

from prof. Buell:

I was over at the career fair yesterday. In case you weren’t, and in case you are interested in summer jobs (whether or not they are formally called “internships”):

Most of the companies I talked with were specifically interested in getting summer hires.

Kenya Hunter, USC CS grad from a few years ago, now at Vanguard (investment company) in Charlotte, said she was specifically hoping to get summer people lined up. Vanguard is a large company that is often ranked with the best companies to work for.

Hawkes Learning Systems in Charleston does software for math education. They are seriously in need of software people .

The Savannah College of Art and Design is interested in software people with a flair for the artistic for their IT operations.

t-Metrics from Charlotte does VOIP phone systems, growing company, with DoD contracts…

There were two reps from the Charleston Digital Corridor. This is a business development operation partly funded by the City of Charleston. If I remember the numbers right: They have 159 IT companies on their list, with 15 current sponsors (i.e. these people pay money?). They count 194 full time software positions currently vacant in Charleston in their list of 15 companies. For reference, USC is currently graduating about 80 total computing people a year from this department.

I suspect that Helen Fields in the Career Center in SWR has all the contact information.

Duncan Buell

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