Seeking Web Designer/Developer

The Mobile Attic is seeking an experienced, innovative web designer/ developer to finish a website that will further our online marketing efforts. This position requires an individual with recent, extensive WordPress experience - culminating in a portfolio that can be shown and explained. The candidate must have intermediary skill in design/development coding languages: HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript to adequately understand and work with custom coding. This is a paid opportunity with flexible hours.

Interested candidates should email a brief statement of interest and cv/portfolio to


Organizes prior website design; previewing and editing current design.
Develops a detailed sitemap and navigation; establishing a layout that funnels traffic for optimized conversion rate.
Creates a website with updated appearance; utilizing the HeadWay Theme in WordPress to maintain current functions.
Continues to maintain site’s content and graphics; refining site’s appearance and message to meet potential customers’ needs.
Introduces new technology and options to the site; tracking data, evaluating patterns and suggesting improvements to the website in accordance with the needs of the company and customers.
Provides and maintains website security; identifying threats and installing site security measures.
Exercises consistent communication with colleagues and supervisors; challenging ideas and developing an accurate marketing message.


A degree or formal training in web design/development preferred.
Portfolio demonstrating recent experience with designing/developing websites in WordPress; experience with HeadWay WordPress Theme preferred.
Intermediary knowledge and experience in programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript; database experience preferred.
Skilled in using Photoshop - or equivalent applications - for graphic design.
Excellent command of the English language; proper use of grammar and ability to speak clearly and concisely; bilingual skills helpful.
Ability and willingness to learn business rules and procedures in relation to technological needs.
Ability to develop and enact marketing messages and campaigns; marketing experience preferred.
Ability to quickly learn and use Mobile Attic’s proprietary software and other internal systems.
Ability to troubleshoot technological issues and devise a solution.
Team/Interpersonal Skills

Position Location: Mobile Attic, 600 East Killian Rd, Columbia, SC 29229