Scholarships for Students Interested in Information Assurance

Department of Defense (DoD)
Information Assurance Scholarship Program (IASP)

Solicitation of Student Applications

Due: January 31, 2011
5:00 pm

Submission contact:
Dr. Csilla Farkas
Swearingen Bldg. 3A43

The DoD is seeking full-time rising junior and senior (third and fourth year) undergraduate and graduate/doctoral students who are interested in full-ride scholarships for concentrated studies in information assurance.

Students selected for the program will receive full scholarships.
$14,000 + tuition per year for undergraduate students(minimum GPA 3.2)
$19,000 + tuition per year for graduate students(minimum GPA 3.5)

This requires the student to agree to serve one year of service to the DoD, upon graduation, for each year of scholarship received, in addition to internship during studies.

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