Ruby on Rails Research Assistanship

I have a small USC grant that will pay for some programming assistance on a project that I am doing on distance education in partnership with USC (see ). The grant will pay $3,000 over this coming 12 months for a graduate student and another $3,000 for an UG (whom I have already hired). I urgently need a graduate student programmer as soon as possible that can make changes to our existing software for QRECT. The required language is RUBY.

The system is programmed in Ruby on Rails and is fully operational and runs on the USC mainframe as a 'cloud' application and thus nothing is loaded to a local computer. The QRECT system allows each and every student to simultaneously sign onto the central system using an iphone, itouch, ipad, notebook or any wireless internet device at their desk during class to respond (usually with short answers) to questions and problems from an instructor. The instructor uses an iPad (or laptop) and can instantly see all the responses from students (especially wrong answers)and manage all grades etc. Students grades for classes and exams are emailed to them instantly after the class is over. Although the current system is fully functional and operational, we need to make some improvements and enhancements.

Joseph E. Johnson, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus
Physics Department, USC
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Office: 405 PSC
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