Remote Student Job, Heckeldex Organization

Description | Develop an online crowdsourced image database for the chronology and sorting of musical instruments of historic value. This database will host a large collection of images, and should be searchable. Images submitted go to “admin” after which they are cleared, and published on the database. Should be able to run on any device (Windows, IOS, etc.). Creation of this database, titled “Heckeldex” will serve as an educational resource for other musicians and music history students funded by the University of South Carolina in collaboration with other School of Music students. Specifications | Applicants should have experience in web design, specifically CSS and CSS frameworks. Preferred experience with React & VueJS. Work timeline is flexible, but a working model is slated to be in the works within the coming weeks (April, 2021). Duration | An estimated maximum of 25 hours of labor depending on applicant experience and front-end design required. Future maintenance may be asked depending on applicant interest. Funding for this project is provided by the University of South Carolina School of Music & Undergraduate Research. Interested Applicants contact project lead, Avery Dabe (803)-760-4993