Programming Job at eThority, Charleston

My name is Mike Booty. I am the Senior Director, Technology at eThority, Inc. We are were just acquired by Equifax. We have been in business in Charleston for almost 20 years and offer very unique Business Analytics software. The purchase has put a demand on our resources and expanding the staff is a major priority.

We currently use Microsoft’s .Net platform and SQL Server for the web server and back end, and Adobe’s ActionScript for the client side interaction. We are looking for a few exceptional programmers who can adapt quickly, learn quickly and earn good money. If you have some recent graduates who may be looking to move to Charleston I would appreciate their information.

There will also be a QA position open.


Mike Booty | eThority, Inc.
1583 Savannah Highway | Charleston, SC 29407
Changing the way you interact with data.