Physician Group Seeking CS Intern

I am a physician at Palmetto Health Richland and am seeking your assistance in finding an intern. This would be an unpaid internship with our hospitalist group to create a program to help divide and organize our patient lists. All we have to offer is an excellent recommendation upon completion.

Our hospitalist group manages and average of 130-160 patients on a daily basis. We developed and have been using a mathematical algorithm to divide the patient census to create an equitable workload for each provider.

Currently our daily list is counted and divided by a nurse practitioner, using a spreadsheet. This is a complicated and time consuming process and we would like to have a program that would help simplify the process. We are also at a disadvantage when the nurse pracitioners are not working and it is difficult to track patients on a daily basis when they are discharged/change level of care. Unfortunately, there is no way to make our medical records/charting communicate with any other program to do this, so it must be done by humans.

Pre-medicine, I have a computer information science background and have a concept. However, I am very far removed from that background at this point.

Ideally, I would like to see a form with an interface that allows each provider to log in and say how many patients are on their census and who they are seeing on other floors. And then have that all tabulated into one spreadsheet that can be printed. I have several more specifics, but just want to give you a general idea. I also need it to be fairly administrator-friendly, in that I can easily modify the algorithm.

If you know of a student who might be interested in this project, please refer them to me. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Amanda Goins, DO
Richland Hospital Internal Medicine
Palmetto Health Richland
Columbia, SC