PhP and JavaScript at Bankquest

A gifted and talented student in the Computer Science department is needed who is highly gifted in both Php and JavaScript programming as well as be able to integrate both computer programming languages into Html5. The company just released called BankQuest, a new website where member's can get paid for doing things online such as socializing, searching, watching videos, playing games, writing blogs, and much more. The interview process is simple: "....a series of different workable programs in Php and JavaScript must be completed within an hour. For completing the interview process, you will be handed $100 and will then be offered a job."

BankQuest started as a partnered company and has grown from member's right here at USC Columbia campus. Now opportunities are offered to find educated student's with great skills to interview, build a resume, employed at an amazing rate, and much more.

Please spread the word to the members of the Computer Science faculty, staff, and all teachers for the opportunity. To set up a contact and meeting time have the student simply email: and a time will be set up within 24 hours. Thanks again.