Part-time Webapps Development

Please forward the information below to students and recent graduates. We’ve got an immediate need for open source tools and technologies skills for exciting upcoming projects.

Let me know if you have questions. These are exciting times at PCL!

240-1213 cell

Palmetto Computer Labs (PCL) is looking for students or recent graduates who are technically skilled and can work part-time on some exciting upcoming projects. We will be developing web applications and mobile applications for smartphones using open source tools and technologies. If you have any of the following skills (or know any related technologies similar to what we list here), we want to talk to you:
Setup and deployment of CMSs: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress
Web servers: Apache, nginx, lighttpd
Web development: Ruby on Rails, Python + Django, PHP
Mobile applications: Android, iOS, webOS
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
Server-side languages: Ruby, Python, Javascript (node.js), Java, Perl
Client-side technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Skills: Web development, programming, graphics design
Contact us ( if you're interested in what opportunities we have available. Be sure to send along a resume and any code/design samples you may have.

About PCL: Palmetto Computer Labs ( is a local technology company that seeks to bring Open Source education, support, and solutions to the southeast. PCL founded POSSCON, the southeast's largest open source conference, and runs the Open IT Lab, a hub of education, advocacy, and R&D with open source technologies.