Part Time Opportunity: LAMP Management

Any students that are interested please have them email me a copy of their resume at

We have an opening for a job in Columbia, SC. It is 75% remote and the contractor would have to be onsite for meetings only, 30 hours a week, and right now slated for just two months with the possibility of being extended out longer. Below is an overview of the position.

Company / Department culture

  • Project work seeks to use best of breed tools, technology, and methodology
  • Problem solving that leads to tangible results at multiple levels; e.g. business processes & organizational productivity, cost savings throughout the state, better services (lives enhanced) for clients throughout the state.
  • Scope of the project:
  • This work is part of the start-up phase of overlapping information system projects.
  • Set-up, configure and install LAMP server and WordPress CMS
  • Assist with creating a knowledge base and information site (Foundation stage)
  • Document tasks and assist with content

Daily Duties / Responsibilities:
Work with team to:

  • Set-up, configure and install LAMP server and WordPress
  • Assist with creating a knowledge base and information site (Foundation stage of the project)
  • Long term development work may be available following the foundation stage
  • Document tasks and provide up-to-date status through the project collaboration tools
  • May assist with setup and implementation of project collaboration tools

Required Skills (rank in order of Importance):

  1. LAMP (Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP)
  2. WordPress CMS
  3. Good knowledge of WordPress libraries and additions
  4. Security access, and authorization
  5. Coding customization
  6. Forms
  7. Graphic skills
  8. Excellent listening and communication (written & verbal) skills; ability to discuss and present information logically and concisely
  9. Ability to work individually and as part of a team. Willing to share knowledge & experience with others
  10. Flexible problem solver; use of previous knowledge & experience, yet open to alternative methods when made available

Preferred Skills (rank in order of Importance):

  1. Content management experience to document projects, processes, etc.
  2. Information & Knowledge Share portals
  3. Glossaries
  4. Organizational descriptions

Development experience in

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python

Industry standard frameworks and libraries

  • Solid skills in Linux
  • Experience with databases beyond MySQL
  • Example: MS SQL Server
  • Experience with web-based graphical social network presentation software modules (not social media)