Part-time job - Computer System Integrator

Assistant wanted; an alert business student interested in small business software and computer technology. Or a computer student with basic business knowledge, interested in working with small businesses. This is not a Wall Street kind of job. You will be working directly for the owner of Cohen Consulting. We will be installing business application software based on Microsoft Sequel Server on the latest HP Business Desktops, Workstations and Servers. We are currently using Windows 7 Pro 64bit on desktops. We do strictly high quality systems and provide a high level of service to our customers.

Knowledge of networking basics is required. Programming is not a requirement but a plus. Some knowledge of SQL database would be helpful.

The job starting out would be to load new computers with software applications, configure as required and deliver and install computers. Every job is custom and has unique requirements so you will not be on an assembly line type job. Depending on your ability and workload you may interact with customers and have an opportunity to sell systems for commission. Most of your work will be hourly. Starting wage is $10 with increases to quick learners. Hours are flexible depending on workload and classes. You must be able to work every day M-F. Some weekend work may be available. You must appear business like. No jeans etc. Coat & ties are not required. You must have transportation.

If interested please contact and send resume to:

Steven H. Cohen

Cohen Consulting

1 Airy Hall Court

Columbia, SC 29209

Office 803-790-0069