Paid Internships at the SC Department of Education

The office of Research and Data Analysis at the South Carolina Department of Education is interested in offering paid internships to qualified undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Carolina. I have attached our internship application as well as a short job description and supplemental questions. We would be greatly appreciative if you could post this to the Computer Science and Engineering Job Board and distribute to any students that may be interested. They are ready to begin conducting interviews and are hiring immediately. I have also posted to Job Mate and the new Handshake web application through USC.

Ryan Brown
Office of the State Superintendent

Job description

  • Work in Microsoft SQL Server at the table/structure level to review and discover data values.
  • Work with several database layouts and definitions to correlate data fields, consulting with SCDE staff and other personnel.
  • Work with code or pseudo-code to create data transfer techniques between schemas
  • Explore end-user requirements and create data flow to meet these needs.

Questions for Candidates:

  • Are you familiar with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or other similar database interaction tools?
  • Are you familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL)?
  • Are you familiar with database structures / schemas and data types?
  • Are you familiar with relational databases and normalized database structures?
  • Are you familiar with importing and exporting data to/from a database?
  • Have you worked with project requirements documents previously (creating, reviewing or using)?