Opening for Postdoctoral Researchers in Cloud Security

Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce

Opening for Postdoctoral Researchers in Cloud Security

The Software Research Institute (SRI) in Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) as part of IC4, is seeking to recruit immediately post-doctoral researchers in the area of cloud security.

The Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4) is a new Technology Centre funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA to develop new architectures, service models, security and business techniques that assist companies migrating and establishing their business on the Cloud in a secure and compliant manner. Dublin City University, University College Cork and Athlone Institute of Technology have been awarded the initial research phase of this Centre. More details on the centre can be found at

Particular research themes are outlines below.

Researchers are required to have a good understanding of basic security concepts (authorisation, access control, authentication, policy management, PKI, intrusion detection etc), as well as advanced knowledge in one or more of the technologies below. A demonstrated experience of development from concept formulation through prototype delivery is critical as this research will be industry led and focused.

Please contact Brian lee ( for more information.

These positions are open for immediate occupancy as of April 15.

Mobility and Security in the Cloud

The growth in the use of mobile devices is well-known and presents a security challenge; device management in the context of the variety of devices and mobile operating systems increases. The use of mobile devices with Cloud based services requires a balance between the need for high security levels while facilitating the device mobility for increased user productivity. Security standards for mobile devices should be developed within the context of an overall security policy for the Cloud based service.

The objective is to develop standardised approaches and methods, with the application of security software, to ensure data integrity and security when using mobile devices with Cloud Computing.

Scalable and Single/Multi-tenant environment Sub-Theme

Cloud Computing departs from an On-Premise system model in that it provides a set of services via one instance to multiple users or tenants. This sharing of an instance can pose additional security challenges internally in addition to the traditional security concerns arising from unauthorised external access To ensure that additional service requirements are catered for as additional users arrive and depart to use the service(s), the provision and removal of resources should not weaken security at any level.

This security research sub-theme focuses on innovations in the following areas;

Software Research Institute. Athlone Institute of Technology , Brian Lee

Appropriate levels of authorisation and authentication in relation to the access and uses of different Cloud services Detailed monitoring of all transactions in a Cloud environment, and correlation of all the data to assist in identifying any threats and related resolutions. Predictive analysis capability to correlate historic and current transaction data to provide solutions to prevent any occurrence of security incidents Application of security tools for ensuring a high level of internal security within a Cloud service in consideration of the multi-tenancy design feature of the Cloud service. This will include virtualisation hardening policies, appropriate detection and enforcement procedures when internal security risks have occurred or are at a high probability of occurrence Innovative fail-safe methods to be adopted in the event of an unauthorised event so that close to normal service can be maintained for authorised users while maintaining a protective boundary against the un-authorised usage.