National CyberSecurity Career Fair

I'm reaching out to let you know about the inaugural National Cybersecurity Career Fair (NCCF), a virtual event for individuals with aptitude and all levels of experience looking to work in the cybersecurity industry. NCCF is a partnership between leading cybersecurity organizations including SANS, Cyber Aces, US Cyber Challenge,
and more

Scheduled for June 18-19, NCCF is the next step to connect those looking to enter the cybersecurity field with employers such as JP Morgan Chase, Stroz Friedberg, KPMG, Pricewaterhouse Coopers , and many more. Professionals and students can register NOW at

This is a great opportunity for aspiring cybersecurity professionals and we're asking for help getting the word out. I've attached sample e-mail/newsletter templates as well as social media posts that can be used to let individuals know about the virtual career fair.

This virtual career fair will take place over two days and allow employers to interact with participants, and vice versa, in a unique online platform accessible via mobile, tablet, and laptop. NCCF will feature employer virtual “booths” that participants can access and engage, as well as a general networking lounge, national job and internship boards, and a resume collection system.


Max Shuftan
Recruitment Director
Cyber Aces Foundation

Cyber Aces recruits and educates talent to fill critical jobs in the field of cybersecurity and is distinguished by its ability to reach previously untapped talent that exists in “non-traditional” sectors of the population such as veterans, unemployed, and other job seekers along with college and high school students. Often those with the best skills are self taught.

The rigorous Cyber Aces curriculum, developed by SANS, includes learning and testing. Over 10,000 people signed up in its pilot year. The National Governors Association recommends that states consider adopting innovative new approaches to workforce development — citing Cyber Aces — to develop a skilled cyber workforce.