MS Student Interested in Data Analysis

We are looking for 1 talented MS. student to start in fall 2019 (or as soon as possible). This project is funded by NSF. If you are interested in flood modeling and enjoy developing algorithms for flood data analysis using Python, R, etc.,

I encourage you to submit your materials to and . This is a Civil Engineering-Computer Science and Engineering research effort. The student would be expected to conduct technical research on issues related to flood simulation. He/she will work on data preprocessing and analysis, as well as algorithmic development while would be trained on a variety of programing tools.

The deadline for graduate application for the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering here at the University of South Carolina (in beautiful Columbia, land of the nature selfies!) is July 1 (Fall 2019). The application file must include the following materials as a single PDF:

  1. Statement of interest that includes:
    • academic status (e.g. senior) and expected graduation date
    • list of courses
    • brief description of prior research experiences and relevant work experiences
    • motivation for participating in this research program
    • expected personal gains/impacts from this research experience
    • career plans after graduation
  2. Resume
  3. an unofficial copy of current transcript

Any submitted materials will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled accordingly. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Dr. Samadi ( and .