The Mariner Group wants Developers

The Mariner Group is looking for people to work on our market-leading product, CommandBridge. CommandBridge provides Maritime Security and response in some of the nation's largest ports. We integrate sensors like cameras, radar and other systems with our platform to provide the best situation awareness in the world. We work with customers in command centers, police departments, emergency services and port operations. Our customers are spread out across the US in places like Miami, New Orleans, Annapolis, and Seattle.

We need strong, independent people who flourish in an Agile environment. We work in a .Net environment and deliver the front end through a lot of exciting new JavaScript technologies like Bootstrap, Node.js, and Knockout. We develop for cross-platform and cross-device environments.

More than that we need people committed to elegant software and an impeccable user experience. Our customers have to keep track of rapidly changing environments while making critical decisions that impact the security and economy of entire communities. They don't have time for bad software.

Monotony is not our style at Mariner. We don't work on monolithic, legacy systems with no chance for creative problem solving. We're a small, fun company with an important mission. If you're ready to make a big impact from "Famously Hot" Columbia, give me a shout.


David Corso
(864) 316-6077